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The Technology and Markets (T&M) Group provides tailored consulting and strategic advisory services to clients pertaining to power generation technologies and infrastructure, power markets and related air emissions, both domestically and worldwide. The T&M Group has expertise on coal and clean coal technologies, cogeneration and distributed generation and renewable energy technologies. Its experience is focused in the following topical areas:

Advanced Energy Technology Commercialization

  • Market Barriers Assessments
  • Strategic Market Analysis
  • Technology Feasibility and Competitiveness Analysis
  • Evaluation of Policy and Market Scenarios
  • Action Strategies to Alleviate Barriers
Energy Planning and Program Evaluation
  • Factors Affecting Asset Value and Market Dynamics
  • Impact Assessments
  • Program Evaluations
  • Action plans for Program Enhancement
  • Outreach Strategy Development
Electric Power Industry Support
  • Tracking and Analysis of Regulatory/Legislative Changes
  • Assistance in Regulatory Proceedings
  • Analysis to Support Asset-Management Strategies
  • Analysis to Support Fuel and Technology Choice
  • Policy Factors Affecting Project Economics
Environmental Policy and Technology Analysis
  • Analysis of Regulatory & Legislative Trends and Implications
  • Avoided Emission Valuations
  • Environmental Technology Feasibility Studies
  • Carbon Management Strategies
  • Environmental Benefits of Alternative Energy Technologies

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