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Strategic Planning

ERI develops strategic plans for the current and future utilization of power plants by assessing their competitive position and investment requirements for continued operation under alternative market and environmental conditions.

  • Assessment of Fossil Energy Options to Repower Nuclear Plants. ERI assessed the fuel supply infrastructure required to convert 47 nuclear power plants scheduled for relicensing through 2015 to either natural gas or coal. ERI analyzed the logistics and deliverability of the fuel supply infrastructure associated with using natural gas and/or coal at each site.
  • Outlook for U.S. Coal-Based Power Production. ERI identified the key factors affecting the direction of the U.S. coal-based power market and the strategies of major U.S. coal-based power companies to maintain and expand coal use. ERI provided case studies of three companies and examined the role of various coal-based technologies.
Market Assessment

ERI investigates and assesses international markets to identify opportunities for development by the electric power industry, by analyzing relevant economic, regulatory, technological and geopolitical factors.

  • Market Analysis for Advanced Turbine Systems. ERI analyzed the potential markets for advanced turbine systems (5-15 MW) in the U.S. and provided an assessment of the competition and barriers to their use. ERI analyzed the potential industrial and utility markets, life-cycle competitiveness of these systems, and the appropriate turbine size suitable for the identified markets.
  • U.S. Opportunities in Brazilian Coal and Power Markets. ERI provided a comprehensive review of changes taking place in Brazil’s power industry. ERI also identified opportunities and barriers to foreign (U.S.) participation in its power program by examining key factors and experience. ERI recommended actions to overcome the barriers and to increase investment.
Financing and Contractual Issues

ERI assesses financing and contractual options and strategies for power projects.

  • Resource Guide to Project Financing. ERI developed a comprehensive guide to multilateral, national export-credit and other sources of power project financing and guarantees. The guide included detailed summaries of loan, guarantee, insurance, policy and performance (including environmental) requirements and offerings.
  • Analysis of Power Purchase Agreements. ERI identified the effect of U.S. wholesale electricity competition on the provisions of Power Purchase Agreements, across a selection of fuels, technologies and plants. ERI also identified the reasons, effects and implications of the contractual changes.

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